Joshua (born: Hoshea) was the successor to Moses, being one of two adults of Egyptian birth to enter the "Promised Land." He served as Moses ' assistant for nearly 40 years in the time of the exodus . He would go on to lead the new nation of "Israel" in a campaign to drive out the inhabitants of their new land. Known for his unyielding faith in Yahweh, he would die content with his life at the age of 110 in the hill country in the portion of the new land given to the tribe of his ancestors, the Ephraimites.

Early LifeEdit

Joshua was born in Egypt , the son of a slave named Nun, in the linage of Ephraim , the son of Joseph by Asenath, daughter of Potipherah, priest of On.  Assumed to be around 30 years old at the exodus, Joshua, then known as Hoshea, grew to adulthood while Moses was in exile.

Servant of MosesEdit

Called a servant, Joshua was more of an assistant than a "slave."  He was a trusted lieutenant in the struggles faced in the wilderness.

Judge of IsraelEdit

Chosen by Moses himself, and ordained by Yahweh to the work, Joshua was the first judge of the theocracy established in Canaan .  As the leader of the people, he served as law man and general.   He kept the peace along with the elders that had remained faithful the Yahweh.

Death and LegacyEdit

Joshua died peacefully after many years of battle, successful in ridding the land of many of the Canaanite populaton.  He was 110 years old.